• Microservices & API Threat Detection Platform

    Built form the ground up to detect Security threats and API/Microservice Key Abuse

    (Live Dec. 2018 - however you can ask for Early Access via Chat on this site)

  • FAQ

    If you can not find an answer to your question here, please ask us via live chat.

    How much will it Cost?

    We have not set a price yet. However, we plan on making it as cost effective as possible since we believe that everyone should be able to detect and react to security threats to their services and servers.

    In my Dashboard Settings, I see some product features that are not active

    This is correct, Try.Run is one of the new range of .Run Products that are being or have been released by Instant API Inc, if you have any of these other products active you will see them enabled and your main dashboard menu will had more options relating to those products. To learn more about Instant API Inc, and the .Run Products that are released or in Early Access please check the links in the footer of this site, or click this link